The ITA Campaigns

There are three primary campaign settings that ITA plays in; the Agrros Guleth campaign, which uses a hybrid of Pathfinder and D&D rules, the Waterdeep campaign which is primarily Pathfinder, and the Shadowrun campaign which uses the Shadowrun 5th edition rules. ITA also dabbles in D&D 5th edition as well.

5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (5e)

Leif's first ITA DMing foray and the group's first use of the 5th Edition rules for Dungeons & Dragons. The campaign uses the introductory setting of the Forgotten Realms in general and the Neverwinter region specifically. (Spoilers for anyone using the published adventures.)

Agrros Guleth (AG)

Logan GMs the Agrros Guleth campaign, which takes place in a world setting of his own creation. Within the campaign two sets of adventurers are run by the players. The first two podcasts focus on the ogre and goblin characters in the orc‐goblin kingdom of Ugrok. The other group of PCs are located in the human-dominated Western Marches south of Ugrok and the PCs are all human. In both cases, the PCs make their podcast débuts at 4th level; 3 heroic classes and 1 "social" class such as commoner, expert, or noble.

A map of the general region for both the ogre-goblin and human Agrros Guleth campaigns can be found here, and a map of the hex exploration in the human campaign can be found here (the human campaign's first episode begins with the PCs in hex H15 and the episode ends with them in hex I15

Podcasts listed with "AG" indicate an Agrros Guleth campaign, an ‐og suffix indicates the ogre/goblins characters while an ‐h suffix indicates the humans.

Shadowrun (S)

The Shadowrun campaign began in January of 2015 (and January 15th, 2075 in-game) with standard-build characters. The runners have been taking work both in Seattle and Chicago, with Logan GMing the Seattle-based runs and Tim GMing the Chicago missions.

The episodes in the Shadowrun campaign list below are organized by mission with mission titles providing links (spoilers!) to either pdfs of the home-brew runs (when available) or the page for the official Shadowrun productís pdf. Italic mission titles are official Shadowrun products.

The Street Sam is a poet and his work is at Mekajiki's Haikus.

Sword Coast (SC)

The Sword Coast campaign uses Shadowrun's rules in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. The campaign itself is a continuation of the Waterdeep campaign (see below), especially focused on the lower 'level' mini‐Mystics characters.

Waterdeep (W)

Tim GMs the Waterdeep campaign which, as the name suggests, takes place primarily around the Forgotten Realms city of Waterdeep. The campaign is built upon nearly a decade of game play with the current group of characters being descendents of the first PCs. The current, primary, characters, calling themselves the Mystics, started as 1st level characters in D&D 4th edition and were converted to Pathfinder after a few years of play. The Mystics are 11th level and in the outer plane Gray Waste in search of one of the character's sister at the start of its début podcast.

Each player also plays a supporting cast of hired and/or loyal followers that support the Mystics in various quests. These "mini‐Mystics" are 6th level at the start of the podcasts.

Podcasts listed with "W" indicate a Waterdeep campaign, if the suffix ‐m is added it indicates that the mini‐Mystics are the focus of the podcast, otherwise if focuses on the Mystics.

ITA Errata (DM or PC)

Podcast episodes with the "DM" or "PC" clasisfications indicate special episodes between the two primary DMs or between players of the Impromptu Touch Attack podcast. These are meant to give behind the scenes insights into how the group goes about running and playing in the campaigns as well as interviews with individual players and general DM tips and tricks. Feel free to email (address at the bottom of the page) to request topics and ideas as to what the DMs should talk about in future episodes.

The ITA Episodes by Campaign

5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (5e)

1. Augmauuu!(ITA ep. 30)

Agrros Guleth Humans (AG-h)

11. Only people like us are crazy enough to go inside there.(ITA ep. 24)

10. Get away from her!(ITA ep. 21)

9. Well, THEY don't have the deed.(ITA ep. 19)

8. Half-hour Turkey(ITA ep. 18)

7. Now, sir!?(ITA ep. 17)

6. Well, you never know what it was enhancing.(ITA ep. 16)

5. Something's metallic and coming this way...and it's not Sadiri.(ITA ep. 15)

4. The powers of evil tend to be weakest in the morning.(ITA ep. 13)

3. Kill it if it comes any closer! The musical.(ITA ep. 12)

2. You could act as the bait, that's true.(ITA ep. 10)

1. The bosom shall be mine!(ITA ep. 9)

Agrros Guleth Ogre-Goblins (AG-og)

2. I really think we should ditch the beard plan.(ITA ep. 2)

1. Is Whitey Still With Us?(ITA ep. 1)

Shadowrun (S)

Mission Fourteen: B.L. (14-Jul-2075 to 29-Jul-2075)

49. The B-Team(ITA ep. 83)

48. I'm not creepy.(ITA ep. 77)

47. Yeah lady, chivalery's dead.(ITA ep. 76)

46. I do enjoy getting the rain.(ITA ep. 75)

45. I want to watch you eat a bananna.(ITA ep. 74)

Mission Thirteen: Stormy Freighter (30-Jun-2075 to 13-Jul-2075)

44. ...stand down now, or I end you.(ITA ep. 73)

43. Oh, we're taking hostages? Oh, sorry.(ITA ep. 72)

42. We have a bug problem.(ITA ep. 71)

41. You're asking the tweeker about bug spirts?(ITA ep. 70)

Mission Twelve: Redwoods Hunt (30-Jun-2075)

40. I'll probably...paint him a mustache.(ITA ep. 69)

Mission Eleven: GTA Gamble (30-Jun-2075)

39. Triple it.(ITA ep. 68)

Mission Ten: Junkyard Blues (29-Jun-2075)

38. Ah hell nah, brah!(ITA ep. 67)

37. Well, here's the deal...(ITA ep. 66)

Mission Nine: No Tears Lost II (27-Jun-2075 to 28-Jun-2075)

36. Want me to drive?!(ITA ep. 65)

35. It becomes a warm friend after a while, the hatred.(ITA ep. 64)

34. The soy bubbles up and invades my nightmares.(ITA ep. 63)

Mission Eight: D.A. (20-Jun-2075)

33. Kitty on the hood?(ITA ep. 62)

32. It'll go bad by Monday.(ITA ep. 61)

31. You need a hooker?(ITA ep. 60)

30. I have no problem capping gangers.(ITA ep. 59)

Mission Seven: Downtime Blues #1 (13-Jun-2075 to 16-Jun-2075)

29. We might have a new car.(ITA ep. 58)

Mission Six: No Tears Lost (7-Jun-2075)

28. Clean up, aisle seven.(ITA ep. 57)

27. I got kicked out.(ITA ep. 56)

26. I'm having a difficult time.(ITA ep. 55)

Mission Five: Critics Choice (1-Jun-2075 to 4-Jun-2075, Official Shadowrun Missions S5M2)

25. Parley (part deux)?(ITA ep. 54)

24. Beg for your life!(ITA ep. 53)

23. Sterilized Butter(ITA ep. 52)

Mission Four: Splintered State (15-Mar-2075 to 28-Mar-2075, Official Shadowrun Adventure)

22. Adiós!(ITA ep. 51)

21. Bad timin', man.(ITA ep. 48)

20. I got my Bible.(ITA ep. 47)

19. You have a bit of a slippy tongue.(ITA ep. 46)

18. Anything's better than what I've been through!(ITA ep. 44)

17. That's how a cyberspike is supposed to work, man!(ITA ep. 43)

16. Don't compromise your self.(ITA ep. 42)

15. We're going after a pimp.(ITA ep. 41)

Mission Three: Chasin The Wind (2-Mar-2075 to 12-Mar-2075, Official Shadowrun Missions S5M1)

14. A simple yes would have sufficed.(ITA ep. 40)

13. Did I miss anything?(ITA ep. 39)

12. This is control! Detonation will occur in 15 minutes!(ITA ep. 38)

11. I want to parley.(ITA ep. 37)

10. What is this hell!?(ITA ep. 36)

9. Chicago!(ITA ep. 35)

8. Twelve Goddamn Nuyen!(ITA ep. 33)

Mission Two: Cookware (5-Feb-2075 to 6-Feb-2075)

7. Riggergasm.(ITA ep. 32)

6. I didn't know we paid you for small talk.(ITA ep. 31)

5. If he hasn't crapped himself, he will.(ITA ep. 29)

Mission One: Eight Albert Smash (19-Jan-2075)

4. You can be a real dick sometimes.(ITA ep. 28)

3. I should just off him.(ITA ep. 27)

2. Send me an emoji.(ITA ep. 26)

Mission Zero: High Speed Pursuit (15-Jan-2075)

1. Don't let'em psyche you out, man.(ITA ep. 25)

Sword Coast (SC)

12. Clear the path!(ITA ep. 90)

11. Yes.(ITA ep. 89)

10. Let's all just get outta here.(ITA ep. 88)

9. Didn't have to be this way.(ITA ep. 87)

8. That's our shadowy horror(ITA ep. 86)

7. We might have stumbled upon something that nobody has found!(ITA ep. 85)

6. We all have our baggage, let's just move on.(ITA ep. 84)

5. To ashes we return!(ITA ep. 82)

4. Take Me!(ITA ep. 81)

3. Anybody got rope?(ITA ep. 80)

2. Be careful where you step!(ITA ep. 79)

1. Perhapes we could take up residency?(ITA ep. 78)

Waterdeep (W)

14. My Love is True(ITA ep. 50)

13. Are you sure you wish to go down this path?(ITA ep. 49)

12. We're bringing these prize gems to the Mistress!(ITA ep. 45)

11. Fallopiania Taintorium & Appendicistia Clitori(ITA ep. 34)

10. I swear, despite what you hear about tieflings, it's not me.(ITA ep. 23)

9. Do Night Hags Get Drunk?(ITA ep. 22)

8. Like an actual storm? Or a metaphorical storm?(ITA ep. 14)

7. May Death enjoy the show.(ITA ep. 11)

6. You are a mistake!(ITA ep. 8)

5. Nope. He's doomed.(ITA ep. 7)

4. Death of Innocence(ITA ep. 6)

3. Loren, it might be best if we retreat!(ITA ep. 5)

2. Loren, get up, this is no time to rest.(ITA ep. 4)

1. Why didn't you ask for a taste of her?(ITA ep. 3)

ITA Errata (DM or PC)

GM 2. Between Two Shadowrun GM's

PC 1. Worst case, when we're all in the convalescent home...(ITA ep. 20)

DM 1. Between Two DM's