March 05, 2007

Podium Ramblings

I’m bitter and grumpy. It’s a sign, not like a road sign, but more like a prophet’s sandwich board sign saying “It’s all crap!” as he gives you a gaping mouth mad stare. The bastard. I know. There’s a lot out there, people with mouths, who will say that it’s all about what you surround yourself with. But that’s crap. It’s all crap oozing from the walls of civilization. Civilization’s only purpose to help make us forget about the crap. Irony is civilization’s just the same crap, different package.


The written word is dead, despite what you read online. I’m quitting one job only to get another, which seems idiotic in many ways. IF you quit a job, it obviously means that you don’t like jobs, so why get another one? Despite my bitterness and general, overall, grumpiness, I’m grateful for the old job and the new job.


Britney should have totally buried some of her hair with Anna.


In regards to the culture in which I live, the fact that I can write that sentence and understand how it is applicable, disgusts me in such a way that all I taste is the bitter fluid rising from my stomach.


One path towards bitterness is with the realization that your childhood will be repackaged and sold to everyone else, your feelings of uniqueness will be revealed as just that: feelings, and the only meaning in the universe is what you impart to it.


Get me a shovel, the crap is thick and I’d like to stretch out.


A better road to bitterness is through good coffee. Maybe an Italian wine.


I don’t remember the drive in to work this morning. The beginning I remember, dropping Jasmine off I remember, but then it fades into this haze, a quiet ride through a clear morning, nothing particularly noticeable or exciting, a day lost due to the lack of tragedy.


Remember, burning your hang-nails off is far more efficient than biting them off, but you don’t get the free meal.


Remember, gravity, like evolution, only works if you believe in.


This is about the point where I’d start digressing into discussions about penises and vaginas, dicks and cunts:


There are a lot of politicians out there. I like the core of the system. But there are people involved. People tend to produce a lot of crap over their lives. A Politician’s no different, save, like celebrities, they get a lot of other people talking about how great (or bad) their crap is.


“Fuck your rambling! Give me coherence!” the other one said. The first just looked at him and grinned. The other one looked at him, then looked at his soup, “What did you do? What did you put in my soup?!” The first one glanced over at some bottles on the shelf, his gaze lingering on the bottle with the words “EXtra FIber” written in big, dark gold, letters.


The following is an actual speech an imaginary senator gave in my head one day.


“The time for action is now! With this new power structure, we have no choice but to take action in common cause against the terrors which are set against us! But there is only a limited amount of beauty left in the world, beauty that is inherent and owned by no one. So long as we can secure this resource from being exploited by outside influences, we will have victory over all obstacles. And so, it is my great pleasure to announce that we will…”


Poor senator, the podium ate him. It was hungry. Mad podiums are a danger to our native, free ranging, politicians and we must put a stop to them. Either that or begin to accept genetically altered, cage-fed, politicians into the food chain. Your choice. At least podiums just crap wood.  

December 12, 2006

You’re wrong; I’m right…Because-I-Said-So Politics

You ever sit there, listening to someone talk about politics or religion and think, “what a nut job!”? Have you ever been worried that someone else is thinking the same thing about you?


Around the beginning of this year I read a press release that has put me on edge with its implications. The release can be found here, and it basically says that once you firmly take a political stance, meaning that you have solidly aligned yourself with the Democrats, Republicans, or another political party, you’ll be too stupid to realize when you’re wrong.


More clearly, the article states that when you are presented with political information, specifically for or against a political candidate that you are inherently for or against, it is your emotional centers of the brain that do the work in making judgments about that information. And when you make a judgment that is inline with the party that you’re loyal to, you get “a blast of activation in circuits involved in reward -- similar to what addicts receive when they get their fix.”


For example, let’s say that you like candidate A and you’re against candidate B. B says that your candidate is a liar about something he or she said. In stead of thinking rationally about what candidate B is saying, your emotions decide for you. And your emotions will decide that candidate B is wrong and you’ll get a happy feeling from arriving at this decision. Then, when obvious factual evidence is presented to you, such as video tapes of your candidate lying exactly the way candidate B said, or documents written by your candidate in which he or she states that “we must lie to the public about this,” you will show “a pattern of emotionally biased reasoning: (where) partisans denied obvious contradictions for their own candidate that they had no difficulty detecting in the opposing candidate.”


Now, if your reward centers in your brain activate when you make a decision that reinforces your political stance, what would this indicate for any belief systems that you or anyone else holds? For any strongly held belief that you have, you become your own dealer and junky walking mad cow like through your own delusions.


But there are breaking points, there has to be. Given the sway of American politics, the ebb and flow from Republican to Democrat and back, it would seem to indicate that not everyone is receiving the same level of neuronic reward love. At some point, some new piece of information (which some would call facts, other calls misinterpretations, others lies), arises that changes the mind of some of the people.


So not all is lost in this quagmire of futile human endeavor as there still exists some room for the possibility of free will and rational thought so long as you first accept that deep down, on a fundamental basic level, you are the biggest idiot on the planet and attempt to work your way up from there and in doing so you’ll realize how everyone else is almost as big an idiot as yourself, which means that any information gained from any source is immediately moronic and stupid, like an Emory press releases relating how big of an idiot the human species is, with each individual being a greater idiot than the whole.