October 19, 2009

Death of Kings

Death of Kings is a non-fantasy, non-science fiction, work of fiction. The literary fiction coming-of-age story would be the closest genre-typecasting to associate with it.


Because I have no idea if I will ever get off my ass to find an agent, an editor, or a publisher, I have decided to make my first novel available through my website and publicize to all of you, friends both old and new. Some of you have expressed interest in reading it and despite 3 years having a ‘finished’ work, I’ve kept it hidden save for an initial printing for a few close friends and family.


After the first publication of Death of Kings I was made aware of a near infinite number of spelling mistakes and that my grammar can be, at times, odd (to say the least). Since that publication, I have edited the book three times. Yet, even as I began to put together the pdf version, I noticed things that I wanted to change. I made a few of those changes but then felt myself being drawn into the quagmire of editing it yet again. I had to stop or risk another three years going by.


I will admit, this is my baby. It is the culmination of 10 years of artistic effort. My wife can attest to the long nights spent outside in my car in order to both smoke and reduce interruptions, with an extension cord running from the apartment to my first IBM Notepad laptop stiff with keys requiring jackhammer force.


It’s a new world and I cringe at making this available electronically. As a bibliophile, having no physical book is anathema, but I figure it’s better to attempt to embrace this new world than hide from it. Feel free to save a copy for yourself and direct anyone that you think might be interested to either this post or the actual document. However, in 13 day, on November 1st, I will remove the pdf from my website unless some unforeseen circumstance arises.


If you would like to ‘donate’, email me at viscous [at] fizzygoo [dot] com and I’ll be happy to give you an address where you can send checks.


You can download Death of Kings from this page via the menu on the left, under novels. You can right click and choose "save as" or "save link as" to save a copy to your hard drive.


Thank you and enjoy.

June 29, 2007

Cell Phone Stories

Dear friends and enemies,


Since I have very little time to write these days, I’m making public one of the few continual artistic endeavors that I engage in. It’s in the form of a text message, and usually I write one a day, Mon through Fri usually between 9 am to 7 pm (PST). So, if A ) you are interested, and B ) you have a cell phone that can receive text messages, then email me at Fizzygoo (at sign) aol (dot) com with your cell phone number, first and last name, and I will add you to the list. You will know that the text is from me because it will begin with “TALES”.


Note that, due to the large number of text messages this may generate, I won’t be making many personal calls (not that I do anyway) and request that you keep replies limited if at all. Who knows, this may be to expensive to do past the first month.


If you do sign up for them, and later choose not to be included just email me or text me with something like “Remove me, you fuck-fuck” along with your name and phone number.

April 06, 2007

Smoked Cigars



There’s a half dozen sullen cigars in the ashtray,

Sitting there like aristocratic wights.

All hoary headed

Gnawed upon

Used up.


Music from my twenties plays upon titled speakers.

Timed tracks timing out my thirties,

Carrying me towards the forties

With the melancholy

Of blind youth

Gone by.

Each breath, each beat, each passing through

A thousand endless thoughts which are

Torches in the endless darkness.

Lights in a silent rocky cave.

You can’t ever go back

The way you came.