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Once again we have moved. This time into our own place which is kind of like moving into someone else’s place sans the landlord aspect, which in and of itself is strange because it has been just over a week in the new place and I keep expecting someone to call to tell me do check something or deposit rent or just show up to do some yard work without bothering to give any notice.


This marks the eighth move in six years, roughly a move every nine months. Hopefully this will be the last move for a very long time. I’m very tired of it. I expect to be a burnt out husk of a man in less than a year with the option to rebuild.


Well, off to unpack or organize or just fall asleep, which ever I happen to stumble into first…


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hehe... let me know how the world looks like from the home-ownership side of the tracks. something i'm slowly moving toward as well.. slowly. very slowly. like a viscous goo... :D

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