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July 08, 2006


On the 8th of July I came home to a For Sale sign on my front yard. Well, not my front yard, but the front yard of the duplex in which I and my family live, so at least it is my front yard from certain perspectives. It would seem that the owners have decided to sell, but, due to the type of housing, the next-to-be owners are not allowed to live in it themselves and must continue to rent it out, at a fixed rent, until December of 2008. They are not bound to keep the current tenants though. It also turns out that the place has been on the market for a week. The sign in the yard was my only clue.


So here we are, less than six months after moving in and we discover that we may, or may not, have to move within the next year and a half, or within 30 days from some undetermined point as set by the new owners, whenever they happened to become the new owners.


This will be the 7th move since 2002. Stating how much I move has become not the motif, but the theme of my life now.


This news comes two weeks after severing tendons and acquiring a $25,000 hospital-doctor-surgery bill and about a week before finding out whether I can get Medi-Cal coverage for it. I just hope it heals before we have to start packing.


So for those of you who don’t believe that life is full of sad comedy, I simply point to the above four paragraphs.


In order to bring some balance, I will point out the good news. I’m married, and no, nothing really has changed, there’s nothing really to change when you’ve been living in sin for seven or eight years already.


I graduated. Okay, well, other than the letter that arrived in the mail today saying that I didn’t meet a requirement which is due to someone not turning in the appropriate documents stating that I did do the work, I have graduated. It’s a mistake, papers didn’t get to where they needed to go, so I should have a degree in the mail soon, and in my eyes I graduated (not that that really counts for anything save helping to get a night’s sleep).


I have a job. Full time and respectable employment working for a NASA Education and Public Outreach group at the very school that birthed me, or at least is trying to birth me, I’ve crowned at the very least. Anyway, the pay is three times anything I’ve ever made, and in light of the current situations, I’m sure I’m going to be ending up wishing I had tried to find something that paid ten to twenty times more than that.


Until next time…