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April 23, 2006

Roasted Boars

The Roast is over. Marc is thirty. It was a beautiful affair, all were humiliated, all of us were exposed using the worst of lighting conditions. It’s awe-inspiring how by getting together, ten plus one, out of love for the one, and revealing the worst of ourselves we showed our best. The wounds will take thirty years to heal, the scars vibrant and pink until death. The audience will forever be traumatized.


I will spare you the self deprecating comments of the failures of my speech, especially compared to the eloquence and magnificence of those who surrounded me that night.


It ended too quickly, like youth.


If I get a copy of the two hour event, pirate copies will hopefully be had here.

April 19, 2006

Virtual? Worlds

I’ve been eating and drinking “virtual worlds” lately. Not sleeping, mind you, that’s where I’ve found time to write this bit of floss. At work, I’m working on an article about educational computer-game design. This has led me to read article after article on games, from board games to role-playing games to computer games to MMORPGs. I’ve just seen the latest two fantasy movies. I’m working, in what spare time I have, on creating my own fantasy world (I have been for years). I play Dungeons & Dragons with “pen & paper” and World of Warcraft with an internet connection. Occasionally I even dabble in Second Life. The better part of my reality is focused on the unreal, I’m existing in a shared non-existence.


Virtual is no longer virtual. It was virtual, when it was a base concept being passed from one mind to the next to be mulled over in the possibilities of what could come to be, yet now the virtual is real, existing, affecting as much as it is effected upon by the mind. So, either virtual needs to be redefined in the light of what is, or we need to move away from calling them virtual worlds, they are now simply worlds where we exist, play, fight, flirt, and experience. Transcendence is a luxury of the dead; the virtual is laid to rest.