Comedic Pseudo-Nihilism

…in ten easy steps.

1. Nihilism’s view is that existence is void of intrinsic value, meaning or purpose.

2. However, “the pathos of ‘in vain’ is the nihilists’ pathos — at the same time, as pathos, an inconsistency on the part of the nihilists.” Nietzsche, The Will to Power, sec. 585.

3. So claiming that the world is without meaning is a meaningful statement with a purpose to describe this world as without purpose. Nihilists are right about everything except themselves.

4. This is funny.

6. Anything that is funny, or comedic, is that which forces a smile or laughter from an observer/listener (or any other sense used, some smells are funny, feathers in the armpit, etc.).

7. Nihilism can be applied to everything except itself, and in applying itself to itself a comedic experience emerges that negates itself, and so therefore the only thing worth anything is comedy.

8. If the only endeavor of value is that of comedy, then comedy at the expense of others is of the least amount of value.

9. The more people that find an event comedic imparts more value to existence than does an event that less people find funny.

10. Therefore, the best comedy is that which makes everyone laugh, which creates meaning in everyone’s lives.

Make people laugh, nothing else matters, life is a joke, all is in vane, struggling against the infinite nothing with finite strength, finite time, finite self, no chance to win, success a myth, and layered within the epic existential depression of it all…belly button lint, nose hair, laughing so hard a half eaten French fry is regurgitated and projected into your soda only to float, bobbing up and down in front of the waitress, like a mocking parody of your own inability to control your body.

originally posted 2008-Oct-10

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